Measured Building Surveys | AT Design & Draughting

Measured Building Surveys

A.T. Design & Draughting can provide measured building surveys from simple floor layouts to full elevation drawings showing as little or as much detail as required.

Our Measured Building Surveys typically include the following elements (but can include anything the customer requires);

Typical measured building survey includes;

  • Structural or partition walls
  • Doors and windows
  • Stairs and lift shafts

Typical external elevation survey includes;

  • Outline of building and roof line
  • Rainwater pipes and gutters
  • Ground levels and steps¬†
  • Doors, windows, ventilation grilles, roof lights, other openings etc.

Typical level/height information;

  • Ceiling heights above floor
  • Archway heights above floor
  • Windows, internal cill and head heights above floor
  • Heights of doors above floor level¬†

Additional survey information can include;

  • Electrical points
  • Data points
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Incoming mains positions
  • Plant equipment
  • Fire fighting and detection equipment
  • Security equipment and signage
  • Shelving/racking